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"Jenna has an amazing understanding of kids with all sorts of needs. She was able to help me understand more about how to best work with my son, and she was able to help him realize what he needs from his teachers and camp counselors to be successful. She has the ability to translate complex needs into actionable accommodations that both the camp and the child can understand and implement. Jenna has a wide knowledge of camp and the special considersations of camp programs, and was an invaluable resource for our family!"

~a parent in Atlanta

 "Jenna brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to each individual and each situation based on the unique needs at the time. She is warm, personable, exceptionally talented, and is a huge asset to anyone lucky enough to work with her."

~Dr. Tara Terry, Head of School, The Fletcher School

"Jenna has a wonderful, nurturing way with kids, especially those struggling with anxiety. She is extremely smart and understands and can implement successful strategies for helping kids with learning differences succeed in many kinds of environments."

~a parent in Atlanta

"I have known Jenna for over 4 years. As a parent, I connected with her immediately and knew she would be a source of support and advice in all of the most helpful ways. Her knowledge, expertise, and compassion was exactly what we needed. I wish I would have known her before we sent our kids to sleep away camp. I am so grateful she is offering her time and talents to help children have a wonderful experience at camp! It is so essential for children to have the experience and learn to advocate in a place that will be receptive. I hope many camps will reach out to her to learn more about these exceptional children."

~a parent in Atlanta

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